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President: Edwin Nighbert


Phone: 502-598-6041


My name is Edwin Nighbert. I am 55 years old, a husband & father of 3 wonderful children.


My passion for wildlife and the outdoors was fostered by my father and his 2 brothers when I was 6 years old on a camping trip in Whitley County on the Cumberland River, where they were in awe of a deer track. They traveled to Michigan every year to hunt, deer were few and far between in Whitley County in those days, and they were happy and hopeful to see sign of their return. That memory is etched in my head like it was yesterday. I have lost my Dad and 2 Uncles, Bill & Kenny within the last 18 months, it renews my passion to continue their passion.

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In my teenage years I began to understand the value of habitat management, as we re-established over 100 acres of native warm season grasses on our newly acquired farm in Washington County under the auspices of KDFWR Biologist Joe Lacefield. It was because of Joe's teaching me what he did, that I decided to pursue a wildlife biology degree. I was very fortunate to be accepted into The School for Field Studies during college, and spent 6 months in Kenya, Tanzania, and Southern Ethiopia studying wildlife management with a remote sensing population emphasis. My senior year of college, an opportunity arose for me to purchase a 750 acre game farm and shooting preserve in west central MN, which I ran for 10 years.  My phone and email are always open for your questions, comments and concerns.




Edwin Nighbert 


The League of Kentucky Sportsmen 

502 598 6041 


Rich Storm, Commissioner



Meet the Commissioner

A Nicholas County sportsman and third-generation farmer with a varied background ranging from mining to human resources, Rich Storm is the ninth person to lead the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources as its Commissioner. “It is my honor to serve an agency that I love and respect,” Storm said.


Storm’s first day in his new role was Jan. 14, 2019.

“The search for a new commissioner spanned several months. Ultimately, we chose Rich, who I find to be forward thinking and full of integrity,” said Dr. Karl Clinard, Ninth Wildlife District representative on the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission. “Rich is an avid sportsman, a farmer and a successful businessman. His personal background and professional experience will serve him well in this new role.

“I’m confident he will do a good job for the sportsmen and sportswomen of Kentucky and for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. ”Storm noted the agency is blessed with great resources, lands, heritage, and variety. Kentucky’s outdoors are second to none,” he said. “I believe we should always be mindful that our work is not complete even in a time of prosperity. Leaving things better than we found them should be our goal and our mission.”

Storm is a firm believer in mentoring: he’s personally coached students in golf, baseball and archery.

“I encourage every sportsman and sportswoman to mentor a new hunter or angler,” he said. “A positive first experience in the outdoors can have a lifelong impact on that person.”


Through his work as general manager of PICI Staffing, Storm has gained experience in various industries, including mining, automotive and manufacturing. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science from Morehead State University. Storm lives in Carlisle with his wife, Heather, and their two daughters.​

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