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4th District League of Kentucky Sportsmen

4th District Director


4th District Director 
Don Wilson

Fourth District Counties:  Adair, Barren, Cumberland, Edmonson, Grayson, Green, Hardin, Hart, LaRue, Marion, Metcalf, Monroe, Nelson, Taylor and Washington


Cathy joined the LKS after her kids had been participating in the LKS youth squirrel rifle program for several years. Her family attended the LKS Convention when her oldest daughter won state for her age group and Cathy had the opportunity to meet several LKS members at the banquet. From that point on she wanted to help encourage the youth to enjoy the outdoors through hunting and fishing.   Cathy wanted to be active on the Board of Directors to continue to work with the youth and to get more youth involved.  Cathy wants to open better lines of communication throughout the state in order to work more efficiently to get the youth educated and involved in the outdoors since the youth is our future. “This would open up opportunities for more people to be able to hunt and fish” says Cathy.

Cathy is a lifetime LKS member a member of the Lincoln Trail club and a NRA member.  Cathy is also a Conceal Carry Instructor and Hunter Education Instructor.

4th District Federation

Cathy Ballard 


Vice President
Stephen Ballard




Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission Member

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