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1st District League of Kentucky Sportsmen

1st District Director

Dan Cayce – 1st District Director 
Home 270-887-5652

Counties: Ballard, Caldwell, Calloway, Carlisle, Christian, Crittenden, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Livingston, Lyon, McCracken, Marshall, Trigg

Clubs:  Christian-Trigg-Chapter of LKS and LBL Sportsmen Club

Dan joined the LKS in 1968 after having discussions with local politicians and sportsmen he discovered the need for an active LKS presence in the area. Dan has served many terms on the Board of Directors, since 2004. Dan decided to become an active part of the board to make sure his and other sportsmen in the area had their issues heard and addressed. “I needed to raise cane with whoever I needed to, to get it done”, said Dan.

Dan believes that all Sportsmen in the state need to be kept informed of all issues concerning Sportsmen in the state of Kentucky.  Dan is a member of Christian-Trigg Chapter of LKS and the LBL Sportsmen Club.

 Christian-Trigg Co. Chapter, LKS / August 2020 Newsletter

*The League Directors have been looking at purchasing a Plotmaster Machine for each District. The funds would come out of the license plate money - you know the license plate with the deer head. This isn’t for sure, but it looks like it may happen at some point. This is a 4’ model with a chisel plow and grain drill attachments. Details such as keeping up with it and getting it around the districts have not been worked out yet but if we get one, that will have to be done.

*A Wildlife Food Plot Workshop will be held August 11th at the Trigg County Ball Complex - 5:30-8:00 p.m. See the details at the bottom of the page.Livingston, Lyon and Trigg Counties are putting this on. Attendance is being held to 50 people.Maybe we can get some details in a later newsletter.

*We are near the beginning of this year’s hunting season. Squirrel season opens August 15th, dove season opens Sept. 1st and deer season opens Sept. 5th for 45 days. Deer have had plenty to eat this year with all the rain. On Sept. 19th-23rd, teal and woodduck.

*We have a new 1st District Commissioner to Fish & Wildlife - David Jones in Barlow, KY. He reportedly runs a duck hunting operation. So far, we haven’t been able to get a phone number or email address.The election was held on August 9th in Paducah at the UK Campus. 80-100 cars showed up and five people were nominated for the Governor to choose from. May I say that Dr. Harry Carloss has been wonderful to work with for the past four years. He has responded to emails with very good information and has had many good suggestions for us sportsmen. He had to be very firm many times, especially in the last fifteen months, and only voted against our wishes a few times that we know of.

*In late July there was a Facebook posting of a family going for a boat ride on Little River late in the afternoon. The Asian Carp were thick, large, and jumping wildly with a large one jumping into a boat with a lady and small child and frightened them both. I passed the post on to Darrell VanVactor of Benton, whom I have always admired for his on the water or on his feet speaking ability. He said that it’s sad right now as there is no market for the guys to sell their carp and our problem will get worse before it gets better. I do know the Cormorants and the Asian Carp emails and other information have gone silent this spring.

Yearly Membership Fees: $15 Spouse & Children Under 18: $1 each • Notice our new Ad Sponsors.

 * Tournament Results from July 4th - 10 boats fished Paid two places*

1st place went to Steve Pyle 5 fish limit 16 lbs 02 ozs Plus big bass 6 lb 5 ozs

2nd place Tomi Estes & Seith Cline had 3 fish 10 lbs Plus 2nd big bass 6 lbs


 Dan Cayce, 1st District Director, LKS


Tuesday, August 11th


Trigg County Recreation Complex

303 Complex Rd, Cadiz, KY 42211

Free of Charge, Meal Provided 

Presenter: Dr. Matt Springer, UK Wildlife Management Professor

This workshop will include

*How to plan and grow successful food plots

*Boone & Crocket scoring demonstration

*Live food plot establishment 


Graham Cofield Trigg County Extension 270-522-3269

Susan Fox, Lyon County Extension 270-388-2341

Adam Barnes, Livingston County Extension 270-928-4808

Participation is limited to 50 due to COVID19

1st District Federation



Tomi Estes


Vice President
Mark Putman


Gene Grace

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission Member

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