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Letter from the President

September 16, 2021


 Fellow LKS members:


                There's a lot of uncertainty during this difficult time and I hope that all of our members are staying healthy and safe.  The 2020 and 2021 LKS Conventions, hosted by the 6th and 8th Federations, were combined due to the pervasive specter of COVID-19 in 2020. Though many of our member clubs’ activities including scheduled shoots and other events had to be put on hold, the LKS Board of Directors continued to keep a vigilant eye on legislation, KDFWR, and KDFWR Commission's activities. The LKS Board of Directors conducted meetings, in-person and via conference call, more than the required times set forth in the bylaws and by doing so, the LKS Board of Directors was able to focus on and achieve as many things as possible for our members' behalf.


This year’s convention, as in previous conventions, was an assembly of Sportsmen and Women packing their passions from the four corners of the Commonwealth to a centralized location to share with one another in story, prosperity, or legitimate concern. Whether we agree or agree to disagree, we all share the same common connection as outdoorsmen and women. Those passions, like memories afield never die, there are only new ones next time we meet.


As your newly elected President, I vow to serve the membership and the LKS Board of Directors to the best of my ability. I encourage each member of the LKS to take some part in your Federation and to encourage others to join a member club or as an individual. Become active, because we as members determine this organization's own greatness and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give our fellow members permission to do the same. Let’s work for one another and advance our own expectations from just that into reality.


With the LKS considered “the lay arm” of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, we will continue to build upon our role, not only concerning the KDFWR and KDFWR Commission but also legislation or policies that affect our resources or constitutional rights. I, along with the Directors of LKS will do our best to disseminate pertinent information to our membership and expect the same from our membership to the board. We welcome active participation, sharing of information, thoughts, and ideas as well as “the one that got away” stories. I thank you for your support, labor, and commitment; and together may we continue to build upon the solid foundation prepared for us in 1935.


Your President,

Jimmy Cantrell

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